fail2ban bad ip database: api

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See the API< page how to optain your own api key.

download ip blacklist:[g=abcdef01234567890][&s=<service>][&t=<time_in_secs>][&h=<num_of_hits>][&l=<limit>]

Note: If no api key is provided at this point, a global blacklist from all database records will be generated

$ curl [-s] [--compressed] [-F "s=<service>"] [-F "t=<time_in_secs>"] [-F "h=<num_of_hits>"]  [-F "l=<limit>"] [-F "g=abcdef01234567890"] ""
$ curl -s --compressed -F "g=abcdef01234567890" -F "h=30" -F "t=2592000" -F "l=65536" ""

A cron script could be used to download the blacklist and insert/update the rules for ipset/iptables:
$ ./ abcdef01234567890

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