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country: [KR] Korea, Republic of
first reported: 25.09.2018 22:58.53 GMT+0200
last reported: 16.03.2019 15:53.02 GMT+0200
time period: 171d 17h 54m 09s
total reports: 12
reported by: 3 host(s)
filter(s): ssh (11)
ssh (1)
tor exit node no db

port scan of '':

# Nmap 6.40 scan initiated Tue Sep 25 22:59:02 2018 as: /usr/bin/nmap -sU -sS -O
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.29s latency).
Not shown: 983 open|filtered ports, 934 filtered ports, 28 closed ports
3/tcp     open  compressnet
6/tcp     open  unknown
22/tcp    open  ssh
23/tcp    open  telnet
80/tcp    open  http
389/tcp   open  ldap
443/tcp   open  https
545/tcp   open  ekshell
1054/tcp  open  brvread
1055/tcp  open  ansyslmd
1071/tcp  open  bsquare-voip
1081/tcp  open  pvuniwien
1083/tcp  open  ansoft-lm-1
1152/tcp  open  winpoplanmess
1185/tcp  open  catchpole
1600/tcp  open  issd
1717/tcp  open  fj-hdnet
1718/tcp  open  h323gatedisc
2006/tcp  open  invokator
2007/tcp  open  dectalk
2100/tcp  open  amiganetfs
2106/tcp  open  ekshell
2394/tcp  open  ms-olap2
2638/tcp  open  sybase
3001/tcp  open  nessus
3017/tcp  open  event_listener
3221/tcp  open  xnm-clear-text
3261/tcp  open  winshadow
3333/tcp  open  dec-notes
3389/tcp  open  ms-wbt-server
3551/tcp  open  apcupsd
3814/tcp  open  neto-dcs
3869/tcp  open  ovsam-mgmt
4129/tcp  open  nuauth
4343/tcp  open  unicall
5811/tcp  open  unknown
5904/tcp  open  unknown
6004/tcp  open  X11:4
6881/tcp  open  bittorrent-tracker
7200/tcp  open  fodms
7938/tcp  open  lgtomapper
8254/tcp  open  unknown
9003/tcp  open  unknown
9666/tcp  open  unknown
9877/tcp  open  unknown
9944/tcp  open  unknown
10002/tcp open  documentum
10003/tcp open  documentum_s
10626/tcp open  unknown
12000/tcp open  cce4x
19780/tcp open  unknown
35500/tcp open  unknown
49156/tcp open  unknown
49167/tcp open  unknown
54045/tcp open  unknown
Device type: specialized|broadband router|VoIP phone|router|firewall|remote management|VoIP adapter|WAP
Running (JUST GUESSING): AVtech embedded (89%), Efficient Networks embedded (88%), Cisco embedded (87%), Linksys embedded (87%), Juniper JUNOS 9.X|10.X|12.X (86%), Lantronix embedded (85%), Netcomm embedded (85%), Netgear embedded (85%)
OS CPE: cpe:/h:efficientnetworks:speedstream_4100 cpe:/h:cisco:unified_ip_phone_7961g cpe:/o:juniper:junos:9 cpe:/o:juniper:junos:10 cpe:/o:juniper:junos:12 cpe:/h:lantronix:xport-03 cpe:/h:netcomm:v300
Aggressive OS guesses: AVtech Room Alert 26W environmental monitor (89%), Efficient Networks SpeedStream 4100 ADSL router (88%), Cisco IP Phone 7961G (87%), Linksys BEFSR41 EtherFast router (87%), Cisco IP Phone 7942G (87%), Juniper Networks JUNOS 9.0R2.10 (86%), Juniper SRX100-series or SRX200-series firewall (JUNOS 10.4 - 12.1) (86%), Cisco IP Phone 7941 (86%), Lantronix XPort-03 embedded serial device server (firmware 1.80) (85%), Netcomm V300 VoIP adapter (85%)
No exact OS matches for host (test conditions non-ideal).
Network Distance: 30 hops

OS detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
# Nmap done at Tue Sep 25 23:00:14 2018 -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 72.86 seconds
Σ = 103 | Δt = 0.0046889781951904s